Cause and Effect

Sound Movement Light
Beginnings Echo
Angels far from Sight
Impact React

Forward Motion
like an ocean
Traveling unraveling
God’s gentle might

Up above
The sea of space
Shifting wrong and right
Darkness and light

Down below
Firmament fear not
River of time
Deep and shallow

Waves of motivation
Like a child’s first step
On a soul hallowed
Slow then fast pace

Vibrations of creation
Leave a trance
Forever etch
Upon the human race

All in its place
A groove in the universe
Though the eyes of the stars
Upon the face of a galaxy

Both time and space
Harmony together forever
The eternal verse
Rings true  ðŸŽ¶

Living waters
Like a Harp
Sing within the heart
of me and you

A Beautiful Notion

The Human Race
One Small Tribe
Traveling though time and space
A beautiful notion
Style and Grace

A Delicate Network
Power in Motion
Oh yea of little faith
A wrinkle upon the face

The time lord of lives
Inconsistent Turbulent
Unpredictable Uncharted
Tremble Quake
Ripple in the Universe
You are awake

Ride along the twisted River
Drink from the peaceful lake
Swim in the sea
Fly among the stars
Smile Quiver

Gods plan is pure
Smooth Straight Right

Life quiet loud
Wonderful Dream
A calm Ocean after a storm
Time Moves On


Birds begin to sing
A beam of Light falls
From between the shades

Rests upon thine eye
Pierces the heart
Stirs the soul

The dust unsettles
The body of rusted metal
Grinding Gears

Like music begins to whir
Jive and ring
No fear No tears

Bending upward
Springing forward
Moving forever onward

Demons like magnets
Pulling backward
calling grabbing taunting
Into the black

The spirit trods forward
Shouting never go backward
towards honesty and right
Into the light

Sing the song of Life
Bitter strife
The human race
upward pace

Better then before
Is all the lord emplores
and the world is yours

Every Hour

Regal within her rags
They are her own
She sits upon her throne
A rusted chair

Animals sit beside her
Quietly softly Listen
Calmly stare
Mindfully aware

A passenger
On a spinning Planet
In an infinite universe
No song can convey
The Significance of this verse

For all the Queens &
Kings who never were
Forever humble
Our throne is eternal
The heavens are Ours
The Lord doth Bless Us
Every Hour


We Roar
Upon the Hill

We implore
Upon the floor

Scream and Shout
Stomp our feet

Beat our chest
March in the street

Crumbled pieces of Concrete
Until our are bodies numb

Hear Us
See Us
Feel Us

Change Change Change

Like High Tide
Roars upon the shores

The waters recede
Once more

Gently Back to sea

The sand and seashells

In the end


Words Words Words
Twist inside my head

Words Words Words
These Words Are Your Words
Not Mine

My words upon the page
This is me on the page

Your search of perfection

You want a beautiful song
Something Strong?

Something to make you Feel Real
Hope and Strength?

All the day long
So death doth prolong?

Live the song of life.
Bitter strife

Encourage you?