Every Hour

Regal within her rags
They are her own
She sits upon her throne
A rusted chair

Animals sit beside her
Quietly softly Listen
Calmly stare
Mindfully aware

A passenger
On a spinning Planet
In an infinite universe
No song can convey
The Significance of this verse

For all the Queens &
Kings who never were
Forever humble
Our throne is eternal
The heavens are Ours
The Lord doth Bless Us
Every Hour

You Can’t hold back a River

Lost my mind
because I’m kind?
You Can’t hold back a River.

Purified with Fire
call me liar?
You Can’t hold back a River.

I can’t understand
The man without a plan
You Can’t hold back a River

Woman on the the lamb
Nowhere to put your head?
You Can’t hold back a River.

No need for Tears or Fear
I’m always Near
You Can’t hold back a River.

To hard to stand
Please take my hand
You Can’t hold back a River.

Once a part of this clan
The never understand
You Can’t hold back a River.

Defender of good
You think I should?
You Can’t hold back a River.

With the echoes of time
I know I could.
You Can’t hold back a River.

Maybe together
One spirit in Tune
We’ll hold back the River.

or Maybe Together
With Reason and Rhyme
We’ll Float gently down the River.

Still Spirit

Looking down upon it all
Red vapor surrounded her
Standing Tall

Looking in every direction
Long hair for protection

She Slid down the Ramp
Sprung off the rails

A lean mean fighting machine
Tough as nails

Eyes youthful beyond years
She was bold
Spirit still and old

Eyes wet with tears
With non she shared her fears

No one understood
At least not in this neighborhood

She stood in the eye of the storm
The temperature dropped
The thunder roared
Lightening Stuck
And she song every chord