Cause and Effect

Sound Movement Light
Beginnings Echo
Angels far from Sight
Impact React

Forward Motion
like an ocean
Traveling unraveling
God’s gentle might

Up above
The sea of space
Shifting wrong and right
Darkness and light

Down below
Firmament fear not
River of time
Deep and shallow

Waves of motivation
Like a child’s first step
On a soul hallowed
Slow then fast pace

Vibrations of creation
Leave a trance
Forever etch
Upon the human race

All in its place
A groove in the universe
Though the eyes of the stars
Upon the face of a galaxy

Both time and space
Harmony together forever
The eternal verse
Rings true  🎶

Living waters
Like a Harp
Sing within the heart
of me and you

The Simple Man

Take baby
To a Movie Tonight
Slicked back hair
Looks just right
Man Outta Sight

Open the door
Pull back the chair
Take that dare
Look into those eyes
An man…. we stared!

Heart ten times the size
Dance like old Fred Astaire
If Rude, Apologize
Light on our feet
Music our retreat

Baby loves the simple man
Sing that jive
Take that hand
We’re Alive
Slow dance the floor
Lets do it once more

Laugh and play
Forget dismay
No war No sadness
Such madness
Brings only Gladness

He loves this simple Woman
She loves this Simple Man

Ill take the stand
Ill punch a rude Man
Ill thank the polite Man
Ill tip Moneys tight
It don’t matter tonight

Wake up tomorrow
the next day to
This world won’t shake me
Won’t break me
Love Love Love
Holds This Simple Man

Man with Little boy eyes

See the Man
With Little boy eyes
Frightened to stand
Hiding in the shadows
Shunning gods power

Little boy Here
Embrace Him
In gentle arms
No longer Fear
For I am Always Near

Trust in life
It Will brighten
In the lords tender hands
No hang mans Noose
Will tighten

Your a man
With little Boy eyes
Don’t worry
Tell no lies
With god stand

Do not cry
Dry your eyes
Come fly with spirit
Under White Angel wing
Our souls will sing

Above the rest
God has put us to the test
We’ll strengthen from this
I love you man with
Little boy eyes.

I know you love me
Together man and woman are we.