The Melt Down(as in Nuclear)

Its ten years since the melt down
I’m still alive
I should be happy
Some might say that
I’m the lucky one

I stare in disbelief
I ponder constructing my own death
I feel as if there is no other relief

Wondering why has god pick me
Among so many
The family I once had
Is now just a painful memory
Their graves I walk by
Much to numb to cry

There are others alive
Who still try to thrive
But if even to give birth
To nothing but molten deformities
All I can give is my worthless pity

Why were we so stupid and naive
I ask god to forgive humanity

Sometimes when I sleep
I think that I will wake
From this horrible fate
but alas it’s as real
as my peeling flesh
and the sores I feel

The Nuclear War Tour

Welcome to the Nuclear War Tour
Where you can see
The murky acid rain pour
Even on the distant shore

Where electricity is sourced by nuclear power
All others obsolete
Notice our glowing towers
Like cancer sores
On the skin of the earth
Growing by the hour

You must admit it is a great power
but oops! , If one Breaks
You’ll pay for your mistakes
Maybe not now
But in ten years pow!

A plague of cancer
Can crush us slowly
Like a fated Fragile Flower.