Every Hour

Regal within her rags
They are her own
She sits upon her throne
A rusted chair

Animals sit beside her
Quietly softly Listen
Calmly stare
Mindfully aware

A passenger
On a spinning Planet
In an infinite universe
No song can convey
The Significance of this verse

For all the Queens &
Kings who never were
Forever humble
Our throne is eternal
The heavens are Ours
The Lord doth Bless Us
Every Hour


We Roar
Upon the Hill

We implore
Upon the floor

Scream and Shout
Stomp our feet

Beat our chest
March in the street

Crumbled pieces of Concrete
Until our are bodies numb

Hear Us
See Us
Feel Us

Change Change Change

Like High Tide
Roars upon the shores

The waters recede
Once more

Gently Back to sea

The sand and seashells

In the end


Words Words Words
Twist inside my head

Words Words Words
These Words Are Your Words
Not Mine

My words upon the page
This is me on the page

Your search of perfection

You want a beautiful song
Something Strong?

Something to make you Feel Real
Hope and Strength?

All the day long
So death doth prolong?

Live the song of life.
Bitter strife

Encourage you?