Created Equal?

Of the House of Woman
Dare to Beleive?
Thou are Chosen?

Stand upon a rock.
For man shall mock.
Thy Lord Saieth
All are created Equal.

Men say Man.
Women say Amen.

Woven though the crowd.
No crown upon her head?
Religious existence?

Woman kind
Human Kind
Man kind 

Look down upon them All?
Down on Them?

Men cannot stand above Man
Woman should?

To long Unravelling

Scale always in man’s favor?
Cash Stash Whiplash
Never Fair
Bat an Eyelash?
Shake your Money Maker?
Woman Stand
Hand in Hand

Its spiritual
you’re Kind
Our Kind
Woman Kind

March Forward
Legs of Steel
Woman ignored
By likes of men

She is secure
Her heart is pure
Why is she here?
A Woman Lead
Hearts Bleed

Woman Stand Tall
Legs of steel
Heart of Gold
Legend untold

Push you
Lock you
Laugh at you
God loves you

Never Fair
Loves a man
Who doesn’t exist
Prays for ignorance

Men still Tribe
Together vibrations of old.
Break done the woman of gold.

Keep them Back
Keep Them out
to Protect?

But for some
Who Fear None
Intelligence Higher
Then Their Paychecks.