Running Though
Fields of Wheat
Cold Soft Sand
Beneath My Feet

A Warm Hand
Smiling Eyes
Birds Harmony
Happy Times

Write In Chalk
Houses Along Side
Hot Concrete
Hop Scotch Sign

Black Melting Tar
Tattered Street
Brilliant light
Far from sight

Stand Head Long
Fear from No one
I am Strong
I am Alive

Running Between The Rain Drops
Jumping beyond the Rainbow
Autumn Leaves
Fallen Winter Snow

Apple Orchard
Planted Garden
Quiet Wind
Silent Night

Down the hill
Tremble Chill
Without Rhyme
My Lord Loves me Still

Glass People

Glass People
Perfect in Every way
Look Right though them
Scorn dismay

Mock Them
Anger Rocks Them
Music deep within our souls
Listen to Rock and roll

Slam Dance
Love them
Mock them
Mosh Them

Don’t Care What you say
Holy Spirit is here to stay
Tell me what to believe
My Heart Upon My Sleeve

Heavy Metal punk
Blues & Soul
Never Above
True to my Love

Kiss Them
Sock Them
Trash Them
Rock Them

Say I Can’t Get far
To old Can’t Act
The way You Are
Judge me NOT

The lord Commands
upon the Border
I fear NOT

Rock Them
Mock Them
Protect Them
Mold Them

I choose to Believe
The Lord Forgives
Together His
Music and Soul

My Time
Your Time
Dig My Rhyme
The Lords Time

Some are Simple
Some are Complicated
Some are Loved
Some are Jaded

Love to look at them
Scatter Them
Shatter Them
Perfect Glass People

Crumpled Pages

Stood above
Scorn my love
Scatter books
Shattered Shoved
You Of simple words
So Absurd

Spiteful Smiles
Torn Pages
Crumpled and Tossed
Never replaced
Enjoyed the look upon my face

Crumpled Pieces of paper
Lay ripped apart
Upon the floor
Vacant eyes
Without Once More

Torn and tossed
Pieces of my heart
I must Endure
Thoughts of rage
Bid pure

You can’t Change
Crumpled and Tossed
Ripped and lost
Forgiven not
Pass on perhaps forgotten

The way this feels
As pages burn and peel
Soul hard as steel
Spirit strong
The Lord blesses me

Dawn Of a New Day

Morning Dawns
Sun Glows
Warming Earth
The Birth of a New Day
Moments Pure
Sudden Brightness
Less Defined
Continue Onward
Left Behind
Turn the Cheek
Kindness clouded Mind
Humble Meek
Thou Shalt conquer
With The Lord

Thy Seek