Lords Advocate

The Believers Mock
A Modern Day Prophet
Dare to say…
Not real…
This is how to feel?

Eyes narrow
Make Sorrowful
Shove into the jagged rocks
Upon their ears
Delightful squeals

Laugh and Stone
Dare not shine that Light
Stand alone.
Shared and shone
Thrown down and back
Much better in the shadows of black.

The Unbelievers
Laugh and Cast judgments.
Prefer their poisons to light
Look how Perfect.
Scornful twisted up smiles of delight.

Please beseech
Please allow
Take a bow
Here a crown…
Lovely Style…
Says the Crocodile

Dare steal car…
Never get far
Love where you are?
The lords a Rock Star.

I the Wind

As the Sun Warms
her face
I Blow back her Hair
Like feathers of a wing

I see her frightened eyes
searching everything
I try to sooth her
for I am only the wind

I whip though the palm leaves
with love and they bend toward me

My voice only a hollow howl
though the reeds of the everglades

A crack of a door
Frightened by
the voice of once more

I’m most beautiful
never seen
gentle when kind
Ugly when Mean
I can destroy everything



A nation
Afraid to Pray?

Eyes down
in dismay?

Intelligence equals
the higher law?

To believe in god
Considered Small?

According to thy will?

According to Men?

No longer a virtue
To say Amen?

I pray for the believer.
I pray for those who have forgotten.

The promise of the Rainbow.
Keep the Flood Gates
From Crashing Open.

The Flood gates
May no longer stand
With Our beloved
Gods Heart Broken