Political Rederick
Dawn Another day
Claims itself.
Recession raging
Inflation all but Extinguished
Deregulation, Growing world trade
Smashing technological Advances
Crushing Rivals Exploiting Markets
What about the little People?
Being used as pawns
In a great chess game
Sucking Marrow from
Their very bones
Jobless, Hungry
Can’t Buy a Home
Losing one
Are they alone?


Your Spirit touch mine
Souls entwined
Blew my mind

You have undone some of my Misery
Enlightened Me
Thank you from the depths of my soul

Knew it was only a matter of time
Never thought I could feel this fine.

Yeah you didn’t mean it
Yeah looking for a good time
We Were Just Being Kind

Our feelings grew to real
We were to scared to feel

I know I can’t change the past.
I Know this love will last.

You Can’t hold back a River

Lost my mind
because I’m kind?
You Can’t hold back a River.

Purified with Fire
call me liar?
You Can’t hold back a River.

I can’t understand
The man without a plan
You Can’t hold back a River

Woman on the the lamb
Nowhere to put your head?
You Can’t hold back a River.

No need for Tears or Fear
I’m always Near
You Can’t hold back a River.

To hard to stand
Please take my hand
You Can’t hold back a River.

Once a part of this clan
The never understand
You Can’t hold back a River.

Defender of good
You think I should?
You Can’t hold back a River.

With the echoes of time
I know I could.
You Can’t hold back a River.

Maybe together
One spirit in Tune
We’ll hold back the River.

or Maybe Together
With Reason and Rhyme
We’ll Float gently down the River.


For me god Isn’t visible or invisible. God is a entity, which is part of all that is good, and every act which is kind. It is the spirit which leads,  guides and is always felt. God exist in the quiet silence of peace.   #inthenameoflove #holyghost #livinggod #religion